Eagle Drawings

Well, I’ve rested my mind (and body) and have returned to WordPress. I decided to let go of a few things that have eaten into my time—like my Facebook page and housework—so I can devote more of myself to writing and painting. One has to pick one’s priorities, you know. 😉 I’m anxious to read and see what everyone I follow is up to. Lord knows, I’d like to go back and read what I’ve missed, but I don’t have that much time.

Back in the summer, I took an online course to brush up on my drawing skills—comes in handy when painting since a lot of the time one has to do a sketch before the painting begins. Below are some I did of an eagle.

©️2021 KT Workman

31 thoughts on “Eagle Drawings

              1. I have extremely low testosterone. I will be getting more blood work to see if I have a rare genetic disorder, whatever the outcome I want to increase those levels to a closer to normal range. Normal for a 51 year old male is 110. Mine is 25.

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                1. Wow! That is low. A year or so back, I was feeling wore out when I got out of bed in the morning, like I had done a lot of hard, physical work…felt that way all the time no matter how much rest or sleep I got. Blood tests were done, and the doctor found I had an under-active thyroid. Once that got straightened out, I was my old self again. I hope they get you flying right soon.

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