I’m a writer of Southern Gothic and speculative fiction,  poet, wannabe watercolor artist, and avid reader. Here, I’ll share what stirs my imagination, heart, and mind, and hope some might find it entertaining or useful.

I grew up in the backwoods of the Ozark Mountains, a shadowy, contrary labyrinthine of hills and shaded valleys, and as a child, roamed those mysterious byways, drawn to the dark side of things, be it old abandoned houses and deep disquieting woods, or the convoluted workings of the human psyche. To this day, when I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), nine times out of ten my mind veers left onto that familiar path: it goes home.

As for reading, my mind doesn’t travel such a narrow road; I enjoy many genres, including but not limited to: thrillers, mystery, horror, fantasy, coming of age, young adult, science fiction, westerns, and some literary fiction.

In addition to reading and writing, I love music–not all, but most, as long as it’s good.

And I enjoy taking pictures—can’t forget that. My favorite subjects are old, decrepit structures and nature.

So here we go…