Stormy Weather

These are two of my recent watercolor paintings. One is of a storm at sea, the other of one over land. The cool thing about the storm over the sea is that it was painted using only one big brush (except for the birds) called a hake; this particular one is two inches wide and made from goat hair. It amazed me that I could paint the entire picture with only this one, humongous brush. It was one of my quicker paintings but one of my favorites.

Storm Over Sea
Storm Over Land
Large Hake Brush

©2022 KT Workman


I did these three watercolor paintings a while back for an online course I was taking. They are about how by using bright or dull colors, one can focus attention on the foreground, background, or both–as in the last picture, which I am not fond of at all. I debated posting that particular one but decided to go ahead and put it out there. In any endeavor, we learn by our failures as well as our successes. I can look at it now and see what I would have done differently, but in my defense, I will say it looks very similar to my instructor’s finished painting. I’m finding out as I go along that at first one learns by imitating others (as in writing) before developing one’s own style. We are all unique, so it makes sense that our paintings will eventually be entirely our own, and not a carbon copy of someone else’s. I’m still on the path to learning my own.

©2021 KT Workman

On reviewing before publishing, I see that on the first two paintings, I signed them differently. KTW is my online persona, and KL is my real initials. Looks like I must be trying to figure out who “Kathy the Painter” is along the way too. 😊

Window, Church, and Boat

These are some paintings I did for my online watercolor painting course that I think turned out fairly well. As I have said before, some are so bad they will never see the light of day–or be used as a WordPress post. 😊 But the bad ones do serve a purpose: a learning experience on what not to do.

©2021 KT Workman

All About The Sky

As I stated in an earlier post, I am just beginning my watercolor painting journey, so don’t expect professional quality. That being said…

These two watercolor paintings were done for a class, its purpose to illustrate that a clear sky doesn’t have to be blue, especially when its the focal point. I must say, the yellow sky makes the entire picture more dramatic.

Dramatic Sky
Simple Sky

Though I do like the simplicity of the small boat bobbing on a blue sea under a blue sky. To me, it has an allover calming effect.

©2021 KT Workman